Kustody Frontend Upgrade

This upgrade is designed to replace the old frontend and will bring several notable improvements such as:

Improved performance: As always, our priority is safety and performance. That’s why We will ensuring our users have a faster and smoother experience.

Responsive design: We will incorporate a responsive design, allowing our application to be optimally viewed and used on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Management of multi-chain wallets: Our goal is to facilitate the management of multi-chain wallets. Users will be able to add, remove and manage their wallets on different blockchains more efficiently and intuitively.

Inviting users to a wallet: It is possible to invite users with 3 different permission levels:

  • Viewer: can only see the wallet;

  • Spender: Can view wallet and request transactions;

  • Administrator: can access all wallet features;

Transaction approval system: Admins can set a “minimum transaction approvals” policy. This means that all transactions performed must be accepted by this minimum number of administrators before being signed and transmitted.

Customization of wallet policies: Users will be able to customize their wallet policies according to their preferences and specific needs. This includes setting transaction limits, setting security levels and much more, giving you greater control over the security of your assets.

Multi-User Permission: Users will be able to grant access to others and set different permission levels, allowing effective and secure collaboration.

These are just some of the notable improvements that the frontend update will bring to our users.