$KONG token: The Ape with Bananas & Benefits

Alright, alright, listen up you bunch of banana-loving primates! Buckle up 'cause we’re going ape over $KONG, the new meme coin that’s wilder than a jungle gym full of sugar-hyped chimps.

  • Picture this: $KONG ain’t like those weak coins that keep multiplying like rabbits. There’s only 1 billion $KONG out there, ever. That’s like one giant banana for every gorilla in the whole jungle – limited edition!
  • And guess what? Over half (55%) of these bananas are getting tossed to our hairy homies who already own FOMO Ape. We’re sharing the loot with the real OGs of the jungle!
  • Now, some of you early birds might be itching to grab some $KONG before the whole thing goes bananas. There’s a small stash (15%) set aside for a presale. Be like the sneaky little gremlin who snatches the ripest banana – get in there fast!
  • The rest of the $KONG pile is being stashed for good reason. We gotta keep things stable in the jungle, you know, have enough bananas for everyone (liquidity), and spread the word about this awesome new fruit (promotions). Gotta make sure everyone knows about $KONG!

Here’s the juicy part: Every time you buy or sell $KONG, a little something happens to make the whole thing even stronger.

  • Selling $KONG? Don’t worry, it’s not a total loss. A portion of that goes towards making sure there’s always a healthy pile of $KONG ready to buy (liquidity), and another chunk gets thrown into the fire, permanently gone (burned). That makes the remaining $KONG even more valuable – like finding a perfectly ripe banana with no brown spots!
  • Buying $KONG? You win! Part of that fee goes towards keeping things smooth for buying and selling in the future (liquidity), and the other part gets stashed in a special gorilla-sized prize for those who HODL (hold onto) their $KONG for dear life (staking). This ain’t your average prize though, we’re talking about other cool coins like KUNAI, CCB, MOTO, and KID – a whole bunch of jungle goodies!

So, $KONG ain’t just your average meme coin. It’s the kind of coin that looks out for its own, rewards loyalty, and has a plan for the future. It’s like having your own personal banana stash that keeps growing and growing. Now that’s something any gorilla can get behind!


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Sold out in exactly 100 seconds :rocket::rocket:

Thank you for your support!

$KONG went bananas!! :gorilla::banana:

Update about $KONG token:

We launched it on our own swap, and 10% swap fees are doing wonders!

-In just 24h we collected 110.000 $KLV from fees and deposited to FPR pool for $KONG stakers to claim
-We also burned over 800K $KONG tokens from swap fees :fire:

Token price increased over 1200% in first 24h :sunglasses:

Breakdown of tokens deposited to FPR pool:

-34 $KID
-627 $MOTO
-1032 $KUNAI
-120.495 $CCB
-110.000 $KLV

This week also $KAKA koin joined our portfolio, so it will be deposited to FPR pool upcoming Sunday :star_struck:


I am so excited for $KONG. I am super bullish for this project. Good luck in the contest :heart:

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