Improvements and bug fixes in Bitcoin me

When these errors are already corrected, how long can we expect improvements?! These errors are about the application, but the site has exactly the same errors.

When you come to the store, are the products with prices closed?! Or when you ask for the cost of delivery, do they tell you “buy the goods first and then we will tell you how much the delivery will cost”?! So let’s fix bugs and improve the interface:

  1. It is necessary to make the application open without the requirement to register or log in - so that the user can view not only trading pairs, but the entire application interface, including the coins withdrawal section and the withdrawal fee. When opening the application, the main section should be the “Market” section. Registration and authorization must be done in the “Home” section and it is desirable to duplicate it in the “Market” section in the upper right.

  2. In the “Market” section, instead of the “Trending” block, you need to make a block of icons with various offers - Buy crypto, Referral, Staking, Rewards for beginners, More information. Above the block of icons with offers, you need to make a slide block with promotions. The search line should be made to the left of “Volume 24h” by removing the word “Trading” - then everything will fit and be beautiful.

  3. In the “Trade” section, when choosing trading pairs, you need to make a choice in the most popular coins - All, BTC, USDT, ETH, KLV. Also, in the “Trade” section, the chart is not loaded for almost all pairs: 1D, 1W, 1M. When entering the exchange amount, a window pops up on the smartphone with numbers, and no matter how many clicks past it, it does not disappear and closes half the screen - you have to exit the application and re-enter.

  4. In the “Home” section, the block with stocks should be removed, because it will be in the “Market” section - instead, make a block with confirmation of the Exchange reserves, this will cause more user confidence. The “Featured” side should be made in the form of a slide. It is advisable to add news at least once or twice a week - so that the project does not seem dead. Including news about the listing of new trading pairs and planned technical work to be published in advance.

  5. In the “Holdings” section, under the balance, you need to make the “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons, but not so big. It is also necessary to make sure that when withdrawing coins, the user sees on the first screen the withdrawal fee even with a zero balance, the minimum withdrawal amount, the remaining daily withdrawal limit - if the user does not see this, he will go to another Exchange with a 99% probability.

  6. Trading pairs: it is very strange that there are more trading pairs with KLV than with USDT - this should not be and is not on any Exchange. Almost all coins located on the Exchange are traded in pairs with USDT, because few people will exchange first for KLV and then buy another coin for KLV - with a 99% probability they will go to another Exchange, where they will make an exchange immediately for USDT.

  7. Add as many coins for trading as possible, even if the withdrawal of these coins is not yet available. Other Exchanges do just that. Because not all users withdraw funds, many trade and store coins on the Exchange - even if the user needs to withdraw funds, he will be able to exchange these coins for USDT, withdraw them to another exchange and buy the necessary coins there and withdraw from there. But at the same time, the user must see all the information in the withdrawal section without registration - that the withdrawal of this coin is temporarily suspended. Everything should be transparent, then there will be more trust.

  8. After adding a lot of trading pairs and increasing trading volume, consider introducing futures trading, perpetual swaps - at least with minimal leverage.

In general, develop, do not mark time in one place. These bugs need to be fixed and improved by Exchange.


We appreciate all suggestions and observations.
We will evaluate each of them and take them into consideration in future interface updates.

One thing to note about native iOS and Android apps is that they are being discontinued.
Our web version is now built with the “mobile first” concept and has a new interface optimized for mobile devices.
We also enabled the PWA functionality in the web version, allowing users to install the web interface from the browser, thus working just like a native app.

I hope you like and use this new web interface.



It is very bad that the release of applications for iOS and Android is being discontinued. Because using a web browser on a phone is extremely inconvenient! And I am sure that almost no one will use the web version of Bitcoin me on their phone. Users will download another exchange’s app. You see, again, instead of somehow attracting users, on the contrary, you are repelling them and reducing the number of users in Bitcoin me.

I understand that the application is like a second site in terms of functionality and programming, but the application is much more convenient to use on the phone.

I don’t even know what to do in this case. If you just try on the main site to make it possible to download a shortcut to the desktop for iOS and Android - so that the user clicks on the shortcut on the desktop and immediately opens Bitcoin me. And accordingly, in CSS you will need to remove everything unnecessary: the top block with the address bar, the bottom block and similar elements that take up extra space on the phone display. So that when the user opens a shortcut on the desktop, there is not a browser in front of him, but Bitcoin me, which is as similar as possible to the application without unnecessary browser reminders.

Only in this case can something work out and users will at least somehow use Bitcoin me. Otherwise, the last mobile device users will leave Bitcoin me.
And of course, all the improvements and errors that are described in the main post must be corrected. Without corrections there will definitely not be more users.