How to Rent Tron Energy on NRG using Klever Wallet & Klever Extension


Step 1 - Access TronNRG using Klever Wallet & Klever Extension

Make sure you’ve downloaded Klever Wallet or Klever Extension. You can access TronNRG services via the Main Menu > Marketplace.


Step 2 - Access TronNRG:

To begin your rental process, ensure you selected TronNRG securely via our Marketplace. This will direct you to our Klever Wallet-compatible dApp browser or via your normal desktop browser if you’re using Klever Extension to start your process.

Step 3 - Connect to your Tron Wallet:

Before you can rent energy, you’ll need to connect your Tron Wallet to the TronNRG platform.


Step 4 - Choose your rental type from the rental tab:

TronNRG offers two rental options: hourly and daily rentals. Click to change the option that best suits your needs. Please note that when the system resource is low, only the hourly option will be available.


Step 5 - Customize your rental period:

After choosing between hourly or daily rentals, specify the exact number of hours or days you would like to rent the energy for.


Step 6 - Enter the amount of energy you wish to rent, then review your quote:

Based on your selected rental type and duration, TronNRG will provide you with a cost estimate for the rental. Review this quote carefully to ensure it aligns with your expectations.


Step 7 - Confirm your rental:

If you’re satisfied with the provided quote, proceed with the rental process by confirming your selection.

Step 8 - Enjoy automatic resource undelegation:

Once your rental period comes to an end, TronNRG will automatically undelegate the resource, regardless of any remaining energy. This effortless process ensures you can focus on maximizing your energy usage without worrying about manual resource management.

By following these simple steps, you can take full advantage of TronNRG’s innovative energy rental system and enjoy seamless, worry-free energy management.

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