How to deposit into FPR?

Can anyone in here tell me how i deposit into the FPR i created for our token? When iIgo to asset trigger I dont see a deposit FPR option?

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You can get tech details how to deposit a FPR by CLI on our docs here: staking - Klever Docs

Or, you can deposit by create_trasaction page on KleverScan follow the direct FPR Deposit link here Create transaction | Klever Explorer

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Thanks so much for your help! is it a 1 time fee of 10k klv to setup the pool? or is it 10K everytime you want to add funds to the FPR?

For each deposit you will pay a estime fee of 12 KLV.

When i use your link above its asking me for 10,000K to deposit. Create transaction | Klever Explorer

When i go to the wallet that created the token and go to asset trigger there is no deposit option there.

The link is only a shortcut. You can use it or you can go directly to Create_Transaction → choose deposit on the contract select → choose “FPR Deposit” on the Deposit Type. Then select your KDA on the “Select an asset/collection” field, and fill in the amount (as you wish) and the KDA_ID of the KDA that you want to deposit and pay the reward on the “Currency ID” field.

The estimated value of 12 KLV will be paid as a bandwidth fee. The value of 10K KLV that you’ve shown in the previous post, is the amount that you will deposit (and probably was filled on the “amount” field)


So i did this and its still asking for 10K klever?

Never mind i figured it out. Must be a bug in KLV deposit. i went ahead and sent the transaction and it did only take the 12KLV and put the correct amount into the FPR. But def still showed a 10K KLV fee i had to accept. Thanks for all the help.

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Good to know you got it! I’ll ask to the team check this bug. :facepunch: