Unraveling Staking: APR vs. FPR Interest Types on Kleverchain!

Greetings, fellow Klever enthusiasts!

Dive into the heart of Kleverchain with our latest tutorial where we demystify the world of staking! Today, we’re unraveling the complexities of staking and exploring the nuances between APR and FPR interest types.

Understanding Staking: A Brief Overview

Staking, a fundamental process in the crypto realm, empowers users to lock up their digital assets, fostering block validation and creation on the blockchain. At Kleverchain, this functionality ensures liquidity, curbs sell-offs, and enhances overall stability, making it an indispensable feature.

Kleverchain’s Unique Staking Dynamics

At Kleverchain, all Klever Digital Assets (KDAs) except NFTs are eligible for staking. Notably, KLV and KFI have distinctive roles, with KLV holders of 10 million or more qualifying as validators, and KFI stakers earning voting rights in proposals.

APR vs. FPR: Decoding the Differences

  1. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Staking:
  • Represents the annual percentage earned on an investment.
  • Creators set annual returns for users staking their assets.
  • Rewards are automatically distributed, simplifying the process for users.
  1. FPR (Flexible Proportional Return) Staking:
  • A novel Klever ecosystem offering.
  • Owners create a pool for assets from Kleverchain, feeding it periodically.
  • Stakers receive assets proportionate to their staking at the time of deposit, offering dynamic incentives for asset owners and stakers alike.

Benefits of Staking: Your Gateway to Passive Income

Staking offers a plethora of advantages:

  1. Passive Income: Earn interest on your holdings, nurturing your investment effortlessly.
  2. Network Security: Contribute to blockchain validation, fortifying network integrity and stability.
  3. Promoting Liquidity: Prevent sell-offs and price fluctuations, bolstering the liquidity of the cryptocurrency.

Take Action: Deepen Your Knowledge!

Are you ready to explore the world of staking further? Watch our comprehensive video tutorial that delves into every aspect, guiding you step by step. For in-depth technical insights, don’t forget to visit our official documentation page.

Ready to Begin? Watch the Video Tutorial here and Explore Our Documentation here!

Join us in the staking revolution on Kleverchain, where your assets work for you, creating a robust and prosperous crypto future. :rocket::sparkles:

Important note: Although KLV and KFI are considered to have FPR system. Their staking returns are always in KLV and the distribution is made automatically through KleverChain in every epoch, based on the KLV spent on fees and according to the network params.


I need some help sir whenever I get to this option in creating a new token after I select my desired royalties I get a blank white screen and can’t get any farther and it restarts the process if I press anything

Hello my friend. Be Welcome!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Are you trying by the wizard or create_trasaction page? Could you send pics or video of the process?


I can how should I go about contacting you or sending the information?

Sorry I’ve never used this platform

You can submit a request on our support platform here Submit a request – Klever Support

Here is what’s happening once I get to this point in the process

(Attachment Record_2024-04-17-22-51-58.mp4 is missing)

Any advice yet it’s doing it for me on NFT as well

Sorry, I didn’t receive your attachments. Please, reach out our support team on https://support.klever.org/hc/en-us/requests/new