How to delete additionally created accounts in K5 wallet

K5 Wallet enables our users to create and manage multiple Accounts for each blockchain supported in the Klever ecosystem.

Each additionally created Account is an independent new wallet, a public address, on the blockchain. This means that the Account will stay on the blockchain for ever and cannot be deleted. One can always look for the Account address using a blockchain explorer and see all the transaction history. However, you can hide/remove any additionally created Account (but not Main Accounts) from K5 Wallet if you do not want to use it anymore.

You can hide an additionally created Account as follows:

Step 1: Tap on the Menu from the Bottom-left corner of the Portfolio screen. Then, tap on the Address book under Wallet section.

Step 2: Select the blockchain, and tap on the desired Account to delete under My Accounts.

Step 3: Under Account options tap on Delete and confirm the Delete account Pop up. Finally, enter the PIN code to confirm.

The Account will not be permanently removed, but it will disappear from the app. That is you will not see it when you tap on the corresponding token from the Portfolio screen. You can re-add the account any time following this steps How to create additional accounts in K5 Wallet

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