How to create and vote on a proposal: Be a Part of the Decision Making on KleverChain!

Hello, fellow KleverChain enthusiasts!

Are you ready to take the reins and actively shape the future of KleverChain? Well, you’re in the right place! Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial on how to create and vote on proposals using KleverChain, the community-driven platform that empowers its users through the Klever Finance Token (KFI). Get ready to dive into the heart of decentralized decision-making!

Creating a Proposal:

  1. Navigate to the Proposals Section: Start by heading to the “More” menu and clicking on “Proposals” to explore the KleverChain network parameters.
  2. Initiate Your Proposal:
  • Access the Create Transaction page via the “Show Wallet” menu.
  • Select the Proposal option and craft a detailed description of your idea, ensuring clarity for KFI holders.
  1. Set Epoch Duration and Parameters:
  • Specify the duration (currently 6 hours) during which your proposal will be open for voting.
  • Add the parameter you wish to change (e.g., “Max bucket size” from 100 to 50) by clicking “Add.”
  1. Submit Your Proposal:
  • Review your proposal details and click “Create Transaction.”
  • Confirm the transaction through the Klever Extension window by paying 500 KLV.

Voting on a Proposal:

  1. Access the Voting Option:
  • Stay on the Create Transaction page and select the Vote option.
  1. Choose Your Proposal:
  • Select the proposal you want to support (the one you just created, for instance).
  1. Cast Your Vote:
  • Specify the amount of KFI you want to vote with (your vote power depends on your staked KFI).
  • Express your stance by selecting “yes” or “no” based on your agreement with the proposal.
  1. Confirm Your Vote:
  • Click “Create Transaction,” review the details, and sign the transaction through the Klever Extension window.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully engaged in the KleverChain governance process by creating and voting on a proposal. Your voice matters in this community-driven platform, so don’t hesitate to propose changes and vote on proposals to influence the trajectory of KleverChain.

But wait, there’s more! If you prefer a visual guide, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Video Tutorial to watch the process in action. Learn, engage, and let’s continue shaping the future of KleverChain together! :fire: :rocket:

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