How to backup K5 Wallet

When you set up K5 Wallet you get asked to store your 12-words SEED somewhere safe. This SEED can be used to restore all your Accounts (on all blockchains) inside K5 Wallet. Not only the Main Accounts, but also any additionally created Accounts under the same SEED.

Although all your Accounts share the same 12-words SEED, each Account has a unique Private Key which is the actual key of the Account on the blockchain. So, it is a good practice to backup, in addition to the SEED, also the Private Keys of all your Accounts, one by one.

Warning: Never disclose your SEED or Private Keys to any one, even to Klever Support agents. Store your SEED and Private Keys in a safe place. For security reasons, Klever does not keep a copy of your SEED and Private Keys. So, if you lose them, there is no way to recover you K5 Wallet Accounts.

You can backup the SEED and the Private Key of a specific Account as follows:

Step 1 : Tap on the Menu from the Bottom-left corner of the Portfolio screen. Then, tap on Backup Wallet under the Security section and enter the PIN code which is required to access the secrets of the Account.

Step 2 : Carefully read the SECURITY ALERT , and enable the toggle by confirming that you understand the risk of revealing your Account’s secrets to others, tap on the Okay I got it! button. Select the blockchain and then tap on the desired Account.

Step 3 : Once selected you will be redirected to a screen where you can switch between the PRIVATE KEY and SEED tabs. You have the option to copy the Private Key and the SEED to the Clipboard, however, the best practice is to write them down on a piece of paper .


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Note:- your keys your funds

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