Dive into the Future with Klever Beta Week 2023! πŸš€

Hey Klever Community!

Exciting times are ahead as we gear up to host the first-ever Klever Beta Week, a sneak peek into the tech wonders awaiting us at the grand Klever Developer Conference in March 2024.

:globe_with_meridians: Klever Beta Week Highlights:

Exclusive Insights: Be the first to witness our cutting-edge tech developments and the thrilling roadmap leading up to the 2024 conference.

Project Showcases: Immerse yourself in groundbreaking advancements with projects like Klever Wallet, Klever Extension, KleverSafe, Pixel Miners, Bitcoin.me, Voxswap & Web, Devikins, and Dexbet.

Future Gazing: Get a glimpse into the future of blockchain and fintech and discover how you can be a part of this transformative journey.

:flashlight: Spotlight on Innovation:

Each day is a journey into specific projects, featuring in-depth discussions, Q&As, and live demos:

  • Klever Wallet & Extension: Unveiling the latest in secure, user-friendly crypto transactions.

  • KleverSafe: Revealing the future of digital asset security.

  • Pixel Miners & Bitcoin.me: Diving into the thrilling world of gaming and Exchange-centric platforms.

  • Voxswap & Web and Devikins: Getting a taste of next-gen decentralized swap technology and gaming experiences.

  • Dexbet: Witnessing the intersection of decentralized finance and betting platforms.

:rocket: Looking Ahead: March 2024

As we embark on this thrilling journey, Beta Week sets the stage for our grand Klever Developer Conference in March 2024. Expect deeper insights, bigger announcements, and groundbreaking innovations.

:date: Save the Dates: Dec 11 - 15, 2023
:round_pushpin: Venue: Social Channels

Be Part of the Klever Revolution! Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, or tech enthusiast, Klever Beta Week is where your ideas meet opportunity.

Stay in the loop and follow us on our social channels for more updates! :rocket:

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See you there!


Day 01:

:fire: Klever Beta Week: Klever Wallet β€” Klever

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek 2023: #KleverWallet :rocket: (youtube.com)

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Day 02:

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek 2023: #KleverExtension (youtube.com)

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Day 03:

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek: #KleverSafe - YouTube

Day 04:

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek: Bitcoin.me - YouTube

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek: #Dexbet - YouTube

Day 05:
:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek: #VoxSwap - YouTube

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek: #Devikins - YouTube

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek: #Pixelminers - YouTube

Day 06:

:loudspeaker: #KleverBetaWeek: #KleverWeb - YouTube