Unlock the Power of KleverChain: How to Update Account Permissions with KleverScan!

Hey there, KleverChain enthusiasts!

Ready to elevate your KleverChain experience? We’ve got an exciting tutorial for you today: “How to Update Account Permissions on KleverScan.” Brace yourselves because this feature is a game-changer when it comes to securing your shared accounts.

Why is this important?

In the vast world of cryptocurrencies, security is paramount. Updating your account permissions might seem like a small step, but it’s a giant leap in safeguarding your assets. Today, we’ll guide you through this process, making it not only simple but empowering.

Step by Step Guide: Updating Account Permissions

  1. Navigate to KleverScan: First things first, head over to the “Create Transaction” page on KleverScan.
  2. Locate “Update Account Permission”: On the page, find the option that says “Update Account Permission.” Click on it to start configuring your permissions.
  3. Add Permissions: Within the permissions area, click on “Add Permission.” Naming your permissions might seem trivial, but it’s crucial for clarity and ease of management.
  4. Set Threshold: Choose the number of signers required to execute the transactions. It’s about balancing convenience and safety.
  5. Choose Permission Type: Decide between “Owner” and “User.” Owners have complete control, while users can selectively share access to specific contracts.
  6. Add Signers: Signers are your gatekeepers. Add multiple signers with different weights to validate transactions.
  7. Double-Check and Confirm: Review your configurations thoroughly. When satisfied, click “Create Transaction.”
  8. Sign the Transaction: A Klever Extension window will appear, asking you to sign the transaction. Verify the details and click “Sign.”

Congratulations! You’ve Secured Your Account!

Now that you’ve mastered updating account permissions on KleverScan, you’re in complete control of your shared accounts. But wait, feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry!

Ready for a Deeper Dive? Watch our Tutorial!

We know mastering new features can be daunting, so we’ve prepared a video tutorial to walk you through every step. Click here to watch and become a KleverChain expert in no time!

Remember, security is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Take your time, follow the steps, and soon you’ll be navigating KleverChain with confidence and ease. Happy transacting! :rocket: