The Legend of Scull Klever Coin

In the not-so-distant future, where digital currencies ruled the financial landscape with ironclad algorithms, there emerged a token of legend known as the Skull Klever Coin ($SKC):skull:. Born from the depths of the KleverChain :purple_heart:, it possessed an aura of mystery and mischief that captivated the denizens of the cybernetic age. In this brave new world, where transactions were conducted in the blink of an eye and fortunes were won and lost in the vast expanse of cyberspace, the Skull Klever Coin stood out as a beacon of rebellion. With its iconic logo - a skull adorned with intricate circuitry - it became a symbol of defiance against the sterile conformity of traditional finance. But the Skull Token was more than just a digital currency: it was a meme token, beloved by the denizens of the internet for its irreverent humor and audacious spirit. Its community, a motley crew of tech - savvy traders and meme connoisseurs, thrived in the chaotic world of cryptocurrency. As the Skull Klever Coin gained traction, its influence spread far and wide, infiltrating every corner of the digital realm. Its logo became a ubiquitous symbol, plastered on virtual billboards and emblazoned on the avatars of its fervent supporters. But with great power came great scrutiny. The Skull Klever Coin faced its fair share of adversaries, from skeptical regulators to rival tokens seeking to usurp its throne. Yet, the community remained undeterred, rallying behind their beloved token with unwavering loyalty. In the heart of the metropolis, where neon lights flickered and holographic advertisements danced in the air, a group of intrepid hackers known as the “Cryptic Skulls” plotted their next move. Masters of blockchain sorcery and guardians of decentralization, they were the unsung heroes behind the Skull Kkever Coin’s success. Together, they embarked on a daring mission to liberate the digital economy from the clutches of centralized control. With their cunning strategies and unyielding determination, they outwitted their adversaries at every turn, paving the way for a new era of financial freedom. And so, the legend of the Skull Token lived on, a testament to the indomitable spirit of innovation and rebellion. In a world where the future was uncertain and the stakes were high, it remained a shining beacon of hope for those who dared to dream of a better tomorrow.


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Scull Klever Coin Update

Scull Klever Coin (SKC) economy

SKC - Skull Klever Coin Economy:
Token Distribution: Initial Token Supply: 10 billion SKC.
50% for community rewards and incentives,
20% for development and ecosystem growth,
10% for liquidity provision,
10% for the team,
10% reserved for advisors.
Token Utility:

Transaction Fees: SKC Tokens can be used to pay transaction fees within the Klever blockchain ecosystem and offer discounts for users who wish to use the token for transactions.

Governance: SKC Token holders have voting rights in the governance of the SKC Token ecosystem, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes related to fee structures and community initiatives.

Staking Rewards: Users can stake their SKC Tokens to earn rewards that encourage long-term holding and participation in the network consensus.

NFT Marketplace: SKC Tokens can be used as a medium of exchange within an integrated NFT marketplace, allowing users to securely buy, sell and trade digital assets.

Economic Model, Deflationary Mechanism: A portion of the transaction fees collected in SKC Tokens are periodically burned, reducing the total token supply over time and creating scarcity.

Liquidity Provision: A portion of the token supply is allocated to liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges to ensure sufficient liquidity and minimize price volatility.

Incentive Programs: The community is rewarded with SKC Tokens for their active participation, including activities such as liquidity provision, governance voting, and ecosystem promotion.

Token Vesting: To prevent excessive selling pressure and promote long-term stability, tokens allocated to team members and advisors are subject to vesting schedules that are gradually unlocked over a set period of time.

Ecosystem Growth, Developer Grants: The SKC Token ecosystem provides grants and financial support to developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) and infrastructure projects that enhance the utility and adoption of the token.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Strategic partnerships are formed with other projects, platforms and organizations to expand the reach of the SKC Token ecosystem and explore new use cases.

Education and Awareness: Resources and educational materials are provided to provide users with knowledge about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Community Engagement: Social Media Campaigns: Engaging content and interactive campaigns are used on various social media platforms to encourage community engagement, raise awareness and attract new users to the ecosystem.

Ambassador Program: A dedicated ambassador program recruits passionate advocates to represent the SKC Token brand, organize events and support outreach.

Bug Bounties: A bug bounty program to search, identify and report vulnerabilities to ensure the security and robustness of the SKC token ecosystem.

The SKC token economy aims to foster a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem driven by the principles of decentralization, community empowerment, and innovation. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, the goal is to revolutionize the future of finance and give individuals greater financial sovereignty.

Roadmap for Skull Klever Coin (SKC)

Foundation, Token Creation: Creation of Skull Klever Coin (SKC) on the Klever blockchain. :white_check_mark:

Integration with multi-chain wallet, Klever Wallet, allowing users to securely store, send and receive SKC alongside other cryptocurrencies. :white_check_mark:

Staking Platform Launch: Launch of a staking platform for SKC, allowing holders to lock their tokens and earn rewards while contributing to the security and stability of the network.:white_check_mark:

Token pre-sale: Pre-sale of limited quantities of SKC on the BlockPort platform in three stages:

  1. 200 million SKC, 1SKC=0.50KLV
  2. 200 million SKC, 1SKC=0.70KLV
  3. 300 million SKC, 1SKC=1KLV

Listing on Exchanges: Listings on exchanges (CECs, DEXs) to facilitate liquidity and accessibility for traders.

Community Engagement: Establish social media channels, community forums, and interactive platforms to build a strong and engaged community around SKC.

Governance Implementation: Implement a decentralized governance mechanism that allows SKC holders to participate in decision-making processes related to fee structures and ecosystem development.

Partnership Expansion: Forge strategic partnerships with blockchain projects, DeFi platforms, and real-world businesses to increase SKC’s utility and adoption.

Expansion, DeFi Integration: Explore opportunities to integrate with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols such as lending, borrowing, and yield farming to provide additional utility and value to SKC holders.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: Explore cross-chain interoperability solutions to enable SKC holders to seamlessly transact and interact with other blockchain networks, thereby expanding the token’s reach and accessibility.

NFT Marketplace Integration: Integrate an NFT marketplace into the SKC ecosystem, allowing users to buy, sell and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using SKC as a medium of exchange.

Developer Grants: Launch a developer grant program to encourage the creation of innovative DApps and projects within the SKC ecosystem and encourage growth and innovation.

Adoption: User Acquisition Campaigns: Intensify marketing efforts to attract new users and investors to the SKC ecosystem through targeted advertising, social media campaigns and influencer partnerships.

Merchant Adoption: Facilitate merchant adoption of SKC as a payment method by integrating payment gateways and plugins for e-commerce platforms and brick-and-mortar stores.

Community Events: Organize virtual and in-person events, meetups and conferences to encourage community engagement, collaboration and networking among SKC enthusiasts.

Continuous Improvement: Solicit feedback from the community and iterate the SKC protocol based on user input, market trends, and technological advancements to ensure continued growth, resilience, and relevance.

The Skull Klever Coin (SKC) roadmap outlines a strategic plan for the development, expansion, and launch of the token throughout the year. Through a combination of technological innovation, strategic partnerships, community engagement, and continuous improvement, SKC aims to establish itself as a leading player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and advance the vision of decentralized finance and financial sovereignty for all.


Hi Bruno, presale will take place on 22.04, I don’t think 200m will be sold so quickly, please buy on presale.


I love your presentation @SofieAdler . I will support your project when the presale happens. Best of luck in the meme contest :heart:

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Thank you :blush: @KakaKoin


Very nice presentation from a very die hard Klever fam , I wish you all the best

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Now we can finally officially announce, the presale starts on April 22nd at 20:00 CET on the brand new platform from XPort Hub, @XportApp :tada:

In the first round, which lasts one week, 200 million #SKC will be offered at a price of 1 $SKC = 0.50 $KLV


Mysterious message from the realm of skulls

Shrouded in the shadows of the past, where the spirits of ancestors whisper and the dead tell their stories, a new power rises. From the depths of the digital ether comes a multiplayer trading card game that blurs the lines between reality and myth.

In the halls of the unknown, where the dead dance and the skulls speak, a new chapter of destiny unfolds. Each card, a window into another world and available as an NFT on the KleverChain, each action, a step closer to the truth that rests deep in the eyes of the dead.

But be warned, seekers of the hidden, for in this realm of skulls, boundaries are fleeting and truth deceptive. Every decision holds danger, every card holds secrets that make even the bravest tremble.

Prepare to roam the paths of the past, plunging into the darkness to find the light of understanding. Because in this multiplayer trading card game, nothing is as it seems, and only those with the courage to embrace the unknown can unlock the secrets of eternity.


As a little foretaste, here is a short video clip: :point_down:


Wow, just saw this :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Big ups my lovely sister


#SkullKleverCoin presail is now live :hugs:


:skull:LEGACY OF SKULLS​:skull:

  • NFT-based Trading Card Game
  • Purchase, trade, and win cards as NFTs
  • Exclusive on KleverChain
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Unique card collection
  • Strategy and creativity determine victory

Start closed beta: 01.06.2024