Staking Tokens in K5

There are options to stake $kid $hgt $klv $kfi is it possible to stake the new added tokens like $cudos in the wallet?

Hey @Cjmill99 be welcome to the forum and tks for your question. Enabling the staking on the wallet for KDA (Klever Digital Assets) Tokens depends on the relationship between the KDA owner and us. But you can always use the KleverScan web app to do it at by Klever Extension or Klever Wallet Browser.

Regarding others chains support, like $cudos, @Vitor_Pereira can help us sharing our roadmap for staking integrations.

Regarding other chains we have DOT, KSM, ICP and REEF in the pipe

Thank you for the heads up Victor please let me know if Cudos ever comes to the pipe

Cudos is already in the wallet

Hola! Sería estupendo poder contar con Axelar en la wallet, poder hacer staking y demás operativa.