Security Tips: InfoStealer

Hello #kleverfam, let’s learn a little…
I may be posting about some security tips to help us stay safe. Most are from personal experience. One thing was bothering me.
“How these scammers get access to my wallet and steal my #crypto

I started asking questions and this is what I have been able to gather.

The malicious file they use contains an infostealer malware called RedLine

It steals your:

  • Browser data
  • Crypto wallets
  • Files
  • Discord
  • Telegram

Based on what I observed, they don’t have persistence, it only runs once whenever you execute their malicious file

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”

Kindly avoid clicking on unknown links, avoid downloading apps and avoid suspicious dms.

Thank you
Stay safe and have a nice day


Thank you Prince for this great piece of security tips,… for me and my family we avoid links