[Proposal] A proposal to automate rent payments in rental contracts using KLV

The Klever project homepage states that Klever aims to [simplify property management and ownership].

I have seen several real estate-related blockchain projects other than Klever, but most of them do not require the use of cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

So this time, I thought up a rental contract system using KLV validator rewards.

① When signing a rental contract, the prospective tenant deposits KLV with the rental management.

The rental contract is considered complete when the deposited KLV has been confirmed as received.

*To facilitate KLV transactions, an intermediary may be placed between the prospective tenant and the rental management.

② The rental management manages the KLV they have received and receives it as a validator reward, which is then automatically received as rent.

The operation method is to prepare a dedicated validator and delegate it to it.

③ When moving out, the tenant returns the KLV they deposited at the time of the contract to the tenant.

Tenants don’t have to worry about monthly rent, and the rental management doesn’t have to worry about late rent payments

Profits for the rental management depend on the value of the KLV, making it difficult to stabilize.

This is the original article written in Japanese.

【ASARI column#6】KleverチェーンとKLVを活用した賃貸契約の簡略化や家賃滞納回避できるシステムを考える (atorieekipa.com)