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New Gentleman Club update available!

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Did you know what you can do with your $PMD?

Here are a few facts:

Hold and Earn
Hold at least 5000 #PMD in your Klever wallet and get your share of the weekly drop pool in $KLV, $KFI and #PMD!
directly to your wallet address every Monday!

Play and win
play with PMD our games in the #ArcadeGamingHall, the #GentlemanClub or try your luck in the #8BallPool to secure your place in the weekly ranking!

Pay your transaction fees on the KleverChain
We provide you a KDA pool that allows you to pay almost all transaction fees on Klever with PMD.

Use the ingame marketplace
Buy ingame items in our existing games or in upcoming games like #PandemicSpaceCombat, #PandemicShooter and #PandemicWorld
PMD will act as the main currency and can also be used to buy exclusive items as NFT!

PMD is currently not yet listed and can therefore only be purchased via the ingame swaps in the Arcade Gaming Hall or in the Gentleman Club with KLV, which are provided by the respective NFT owners!
In addition, the Klever Collector Telegram Group (developed by @Marco_Jaeger - Klever Radar) is available for you to trade your PMD!

Oh and almost forgot!
play our games and win them in the weekly ranking!


New update for the #ArcadeGamingHall available!


We have further expanded our reward system and now offer you 2 more ways to earn with the Arcade Gaming Hall.

We are happy to announce that we will now reward you also with #PMT when you play the minigames in the Arcade Gaming Hall.

For this we provide a fixed pool of 10000 PMT every week.
The distribution is based on the total number of games of all users in the current Round.
Minimum number of games: 10

We have also activated our referral system🙌

Invite your friends to play and receive $PMT at the end of each round depending on how active your friends were!
You can view and share your referral code in the Settings section.

Start now and earn together with your friends!


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Our first apps (Pandemic #8BallPool and the #GentlemanClub) is now also available for iOS in TestFlight :raised_hands:

You want to test it?
- Download TestFlight in the App Store

- Download 8 Ball Pool:

- Download GentlemanClub:

Play and Earn with #PandemicMultiverse