🤑 KleverSwap: Swap & Earn

#KleverSwap, a cornerstone of the Klever Wallet ecosystem, is excited to announce a new Cashback Campaign that rewards users for engaging with our intuitive swap platform.

:point_right: Starting today at 3 PM UTC, users will have the opportunity to receive instant cashback on the service fees paid for their swap transactions.

How Does It Work?

For :clock5: 24 HOURS :clock5: successful swaps can earn up to 100 #USDT worth of $KLV in cashback per order.

This campaign is tailored to amplify your swapping power by providing a generous reimbursement on the fees incurred during swaps, effectively reducing the cost and boosting the benefits of your transactions.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

Visit or download #KleverWallet today, participate in the KleverSwap Cashback Campaign & watch your KLV balance grow with each swap. Happy swapping!

:calling: klever.io


I’ve swapped little amount and no rewards