KleverOS Open Source: Klever Continues to Open Up to the Community 🌐

Hello Developers,

Exciting times continue at Klever as we proudly introduce another groundbreaking venture: Klever OS, our open-source library designed to empower blockchain developers worldwide. In our relentless pursuit of innovation and community collaboration, we’ve meticulously crafted Klever OS using Rust, a language synonymous with security, performance, and adaptability.

Introducing Klever OS: Redefining Blockchain Development

Klever OS, short for Klever Wallet Ops Security, is not just another open-source project, it’s a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing blockchain solutions. This Rust-powered library delivers fundamental low-level crypto-wallet capabilities for seamless blockchain actions and transactions. Its core characteristics include:

  1. Top-tier Security: Klever OS prioritizes security, ensuring robust private key generation and unmatched auditability. Your transactions are safeguarded like never before.
  2. Versatile Platform Adaptability: Built in Rust, Klever OS is incredibly adaptable. It seamlessly integrates with WebAssembly (Wasm), Kotlin (Android), and Swift (iOS), making it a premier choice for developers across various platforms.
  3. Performance Excellence: Expect high-performance blockchain solutions with Klever OS. Its Rust foundation guarantees efficiency, making your applications faster and more responsive.

Join the Klever OS Bounty Program: Shape the Future, Earn Rewards! :money_with_wings:

To further enhance the Klever OS ecosystem, we’re thrilled to launch the Klever OS Bounty Program. We invite proficient Rust developers to contribute to our Rust-powered crypto wallet SDK. Your task? Revamp the SDK, initially tailored for WebAssembly (Wasm), for Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) platforms.

Reward Distribution:

  • Kotlin Rust SDK binding: 10,000 KFI (First PR Approved only)
  • Swift Rust SDK binding: 10,000 KFI (First PR Approved only)
  • Code Review PR Approval: 100 KFI

Ready to dive in? Head over to our GitHub repository to learn more about the program details and how you can contribute to this exciting initiative. You’ll find all the information you need in our project repository: Klever OS Repository.

Our Commitment to the Community: Together We Thrive!

At Klever, we view these projects not just as code but as avenues for collective progress. By open-sourcing KleverScan and Klever OS, we’re not only inviting you to shape the future but also underlining our dedication to a collaborative, innovative, and secure blockchain ecosystem. And more open-source Klever projects are coming :eyes:

We encourage you to explore, experiment, and contribute. Your expertise and passion are the driving forces behind these initiatives. Let’s create a future where innovation knows no bounds, and blockchain technology becomes more accessible and secure than ever before.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Here’s to a future of limitless possibilities!