Klever Rocks Crypto Day Experts with Innovative Products, and Vibrant Community

Klever made a memorable presence at the recent Crypto Day Experts, an event that brought together key players in the cryptocurrency market in Brazil, Curitiba on April 27th. The Klever team showcased its innovative products, including Klever Wallet, KleverSafe, Bitcoin.me, and KleverChain, to an engaged audience eager for new developments.

Dazzling the Community with Innovative Solutions

Crypto Day Experts participants were surprised and excited to discover that Klever offers a complete and robust ecosystem in the blockchain universe. The Klever Wallet, dubbed “super powerful wallet” by attendees, impressed with its range of features, user-friendliness, and support for various blockchains. Meanwhile, the KleverSafe, a compact and secure hardware wallet, caught attention and sparked interest for its beauty, practicality, security, robustness, and national production.

KleverChain: Simplified Tokenization and Powerful Integration

KleverChain, Klever’s blockchain platform, was also a highlight at the event. The audience was impressed by the ease of token creation (tokenization) using KleverChain, with native support for Klever Wallet, integration with the powerful DeFi swap system, and the possibility of listing on bitcoin.me for tokens created on this network. All done quickly, simply, and securely.

Intuitive Integration and Enhanced User Experience

The Klever team also received praise for the simple and effective way their products integrate and enhance the lives of cryptocurrency users. The community at Crypto Day Experts admired the intuitiveness and enhanced user experience that Klever’s products offer.


Networking and Promising New Partnerships

Crypto Day Experts provided Klever with the opportunity to make valuable contacts with influencers, cryptocurrency professionals, representatives from other networks. Several companies showed interest in partnerships with Klever, opening doors for collaborations in promotion, education, events, and business.

Lucky Roulette: Fun and Prizes for All

To make the event even more special, Klever organized a lucky roulette that distributed KLV and KleverSafe prizes to participants. The roulette was a great success and generated much excitement and enthusiasm among the audience.

Resounding Success with Amplified Visibility

Klever considers Crypto Day Experts a resounding success, a major step in increasing the company’s visibility, especially in Brazil. The team is excited about the opportunities that arise and the expectation to continue innovating and improving its products to meet the needs of the cryptocurrency community.

More than an Event, an Unforgettable Experience

Crypto Day Experts was more than just an event for Klever. It was an opportunity to strengthen ties with the community, showcase its innovative products to a broad audience, and gather valuable feedback for future development. The Klever team feels grateful for the warm reception and enthusiasm of the participants and is committed to continuing to contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Brazil and around the world.


Stay tuned! Lots of great things are coming! :rocket: