Klever and Avail Unite to Enhance the Web3 Ecosystem 🔥


A New Era of Collaboration in the Web3 Space

Klever is thrilled to announce a pioneering partnership with Avail, following a successful meeting at Token49 in Dubai. This collaboration is set to significantly advance the Web3 ecosystem by integrating Klever’s robust infrastructure services with Avail’s innovative solutions, along with expanding trading and swap functionalities to enhance the accessibility of Avail’s ecosystem.

Integration and Expansion Initiatives

Klever Wallet Integration: Users will soon have the ability to send, receive, and securely store AVAIL directly within the user-friendly Klever Wallet app, offering a seamless experience for managing digital assets.

Klever Swap Integration: AVAIL holders will enjoy effortless swapping capabilities with other supported cryptocurrencies through the Klever Swap platform, simplifying the process of trading and diversifying their portfolios.

Bitcoin.me DeFi Listing: AVAIL will be listed on Bitcoin.me DeFi as a trading pair, which will increase its visibility and accessibility within the decentralized finance space.

VoxSwap Integration: Cross-chain swap options featuring AVAIL pairs will be introduced on VoxSwap, broadening the reach and utility of Avail’s ecosystem and promoting interoperability across different blockchain networks.

A Vision for the Future

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Avail in shaping the future of Web3,” said João Pedro Alves Cruz Lima, CEO of Klever. “By providing essential infrastructure components and expanded trading options, we are actively contributing to the growth and accessibility of Avail’s transformative technology.”

Upcoming Developments

Following the initial integration phases, Klever plans to introduce additional features to further empower the Avail community. These include seamless fiat-to-crypto purchase options for AVAIL and advanced staking functionalities within Klever’s Web3 browser, enhancing user engagement and offering new opportunities within the decentralized ecosystem.

About Klever

Klever is dedicated to developing secure, versatile, and user-friendly Web3 infrastructure to empower individuals and brands in managing their digital assets. The Klever Wallet, Klever Swap, and other products within the Klever ecosystem serve as gateways to a decentralized world of financial freedom, providing innovative solutions for a range of blockchain needs.

About Avail

Avail is a Web3 infrastructure layer designed to support the next generation of trust-minimized applications. Its modular approach ensures unparalleled scalability and interoperability, driving the unification and advancement of Web3 technologies.

This article is based on the original announcement available at: https://x.com/klever_org/status/1798375047280869536.