Fee Payment Using KDA - How It Works

KDA (Klever Digital Asset)

Using KDA for fee payments involves the token issuer creating and configuring a KDA pool. This process includes activating and setting the cost of KDA (in KLV) for covering transaction fees.

For token holders, enabling the KDA payment option within the app is a straightforward process. Once activated, all fees for transaction processing are automatically converted to KLD within the KDA token pool at the rate specified by the issuer. With the pool in action, any KDA holder can seamlessly use it to cover fees for transactions within the KleverChain network.

Check How Fee Payment Works with KDA on XPort.app

To activate fee payments with KDA, simply navigate to the XPort.app menu and toggle the switch for “Pay Fees with KDA”. Choose the asset that will be utilized for covering fees. It’s that simple! Now, all your transactions will be paid using your selected KDA token. Even if your KDA balance runs out, fees will automatically revert to being charged in KLV.

To enhance your user experience, your chosen fee payment method will remain active, even if you exit the app. No need to constantly re-enable this feature!

We’re committed to incorporating cutting-edge technologies on KleverChain! Upcoming updates will introduce features such as batch asset transfers, a token details page, a user-friendly interface for managing your KDA, and many other useful functionalities. Stay connected with us on our social media channels for the latest news and opportunities!



Paying Network Fees with My Favorite KDA tokens! :rocket: :fire: Easy, convenient and beautiful! :clap: :nerd_face: Great job of XPort.app team! :hugs:


Some Updates for XPort.app users:

  • Now you can see the balance of your chosen KDA in the KDA fees selector.

  • Receive notifications if your KDA balance is insufficient while using the “Pay fees with KDA” feature.

  • The KDA fees selector is only active when connected to a wallet.

  • Resolved the problem with token balance display in the wallet

Take a look now and make sure to share your thoughts! :slight_smile:

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Thanks to the XPort.app team for the great update! :clap: :nerd_face: Insufficient balance notifications and “Pay fees with KDA” make Marketplace.Xport.App even easier and more convenient for users! Elegant work! :gem:

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