$DVK Rebrand Proposal

:rocket: Hello Devikins Community!

As Moonlabs continues to grow and evolve, we’re excited to share a significant proposal regarding the $DVK token and we need your valuable insights!

:globe_with_meridians: Expanding $DVK’s Horizons

Initially, $DVK was the heartbeat of the @devikins_game, but now, we’re envisioning something bigger.

We are exploring the possibility of extending $DVK’s utility beyond its current use in a single game, envisioning it as a universal token across all of Moonlabs’ future titles. This expansion would also incorporate $DVK into games from our partner developers.

:video_game: What This Means for You

  • More Game Options: Use $DVK across a variety of games.
  • Consistency and Convenience: One token for multiple gaming experiences.
  • Community Influence: Your holdings in $DVK will grant you more rewards and ways to participate and influence in the Moonlabs gaming universe.

:fire: Introducing: Moonlabs Gaming Crowdfunding Platform

We’re also thrilled to announce the launch of our own crowdfunding platform in the coming months, where $DVK will play a central role. This platform will allow you to directly support and shape future game projects using your $DVK tokens.

:arrows_counterclockwise: No Change in Supply

Rest assured, there will be no changes in the supply of $DVK tokens. We are not minting new tokens. We are committed to maintaining the token’s stability and value for our community.

:thinking: Your Feedback Matters

Your insights, ideas, and concerns are critical to us. Here’s how you can share your thoughts:

  • Comment Below: Drop your immediate thoughts and feedback.

:mag: Next Steps

Based on your feedback, we will:

  • Develop a detailed rebranding strategy for $DVK.
  • Update our documentation and whitepaper to reflect these changes.
  • Communicate clearly and regularly about the progress and implementation.

:pray: A Big Thank You

Your participation in this journey is invaluable. Together, we’re not just part of a gaming community; we’re pioneers in shaping the future of blockchain gaming.

:memo: P.S.

Remember, this is a proposal. No changes are final until we’ve heard from you, our valued community. Let’s make Moonlabs a beacon in the gaming world, together!


Allow us use DVK to buy M.A.D + Battle Pass
Buy back DVK for burning or at least for rewards ingame events.
We need more interact ingame. Gameplay atm look like offline game. We need space where everyone can chat/trade/pvp with our devikin avatar.


Thats good! if the team planning a universal token i suggest make a collaboration with gaming guild/community or make it open for all web2 and web3 p2e games using dvk token. :fire:


Make Devikins a unique experience where investing equals earning… that will attract a lot of people.

Renew the whitepaper, it is very rusty and there are things that no longer apply.

I know it costs a lot but do an advertising campaign as well as listings on other exchanges.


Dio, that’s an excellent idea, I support it 100%.:clap:t4: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


He has not a luxury but a necessity, you can give exclusive access to betas of the games released on moonlabs some type of merch and unique collectible items.

I also created a general reward system where players compete for ranking and there is more motivation to play. :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3::video_game:

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This is an awesome idea. :heart_eyes:

  • $DVK could be used in another Moonlab game.
  • Or gamer could be able to stake some of their $DVK in another Moonlab game, to then receive the new game’s specific token.
  • this cross game bridge could be even extended to the Devikins NFT.
    A gamer could decide to burn a Devikin NFT (common, uncommon, rare, mythic) to get in exchange a new game entities (avatar, props, land, etc…)
    (This would help reduce the Devikins NFT supply and help increase their value.)

I think it’s a great idea, 100% yes

Es una propuesta muy inteligente e interesante, suena genial

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Happy to see potentially more utility coming to DVK and having it as a token in different titles over the Klever Platform. My question would be what is envisioned for DVK (Or rebranded version of it to be). Longterm goal of DVK to fluctuate in price wildly (pump/dump) or is it poised to become some stable type of unit of exchange in the Voidverse? Is it supposed to be exchanged regularly (like money) and used or better be held for the long-term appreciation of value? IMO before venturing into different titles and cross games and all the other grant things dvk could become it should be stable in the void fist? E.x Shop prices of items are still in DVK, without beeing pegged to any fiat (stable value), this makes it quiete difficult to impossible to figure any true value out of any ig items on offer inn the game.

But yes if you can provide more info and details how the future of DVK could look in the eyes of the devs, we could provide more feedback and do more critical thinking of how this would affect possible outcomes. Generally speaking I am all for expansion of utility and vice versa exposure of our beloved DVK :slight_smile: )


Incorporating Dvk into other games definitely sounds like a good idea. And a rebrand done correctly could be good as well


Awesome idea @dio, this could mark a milestone for moonlabs.

Devikins as a multiverse would be cool, where the same personalities and ancestors would be within future games.

The most important and necessary thing is to update that whitepaper, and create a good marketing strategy and not leave aside certain things such as token burning, as well as the appreciation of the community’s comments.


It is an amazing proposal!!! It will leverage the value of the token and its utility!!

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Why not allow trading Devikins NFTs on available Kleverchain marketplaces? Currently, it’s not possible due to non-public metadata. All Klever projects should contribute to the ecosystem, and Devikins NFT users should have the option to choose


This is a terrible idea. Rebranding costs time and money. To rebrand mean you have lots of those. Also adding another coin is the best way to piss off holders and a community. Bad idea. Stick to the plan and market, you have a working game that just needs exposure

Hello, I wanted to propose that to do the missions, the pink tickets come out at the top of the screen and be automatically discounted

a mi me parece una muy buena idea entre mas utilidad mas inversores