Crypto to Fiat: Klever Wallet Integrates MoonPay Sell

In a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing user experience and financial flexibility, Klever Wallet is thrilled to announce the integration of MoonPay’s Sell feature. For the first time, Klever Wallet users can seamlessly cash out their crypto holdings to fiat with just a few clicks, unlocking a world of convenience and financial control.

A Seamless Selling Experience

With MoonPay’s integration, users can effortlessly sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 10+ other cryptocurrencies using a bank transfer or VISA card (USA specific). The process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring both seasoned and novice crypto enthusiasts can navigate with ease.

  1. Choose: Select the cryptocurrency to sell and enter the trade amount.
  2. Connect: Provide an email address and choose the payout method – either IBAN or VISA card.
  3. Checkout: Send the crypto to the provided wallet address for instant conversion to fiat at a minimal fee.

Global Accessibility and Multiple Payment Options

MoonPay’s Sell feature is available in over 50 countries, supporting local currencies and offering diverse payment options to cater to users’ regional preferences. This global accessibility, combined with Klever Wallet’s secure and intuitive platform, provides users with a versatile and reliable solution for managing digital assets.

Low Fees and Non-Custodial Approach

MoonPay offers competitive transaction fees as low as 1% for bank transfers and 4.5% for US VISA cards, ensuring users receive the fairest price. Upholding their shared vision of unlocking ownership for everyone, MoonPay and Klever Wallet empower users with full control of their money and digital assets, promoting a non-custodial approach.

Industry-Leading Security and Sell-to-Card Feature

Klever Wallet, in collaboration with MoonPay, prioritizes user security with stringent security measures and robust identity verification processes for a safe crypto-selling experience. The Sell-to-Card feature is a notable addition, enabling US users to trade cryptocurrencies for USD and effortlessly transfer the funds directly to a VISA card.

FAQ Highlights:

  1. Payout Duration: VISA Fast Funds cardholders receive payouts within 30 minutes; standard VISA cards may take up to 48 hours, and bank transfers can sometimes take up to 24 hours.
  2. Selling Crypto Benefits: Selling cryptocurrency allows for profit-taking, risk management, portfolio diversification, and high liquidity, ensuring financial flexibility in a dynamic market.
  3. Selling from Klever Wallet: MoonPay, in partnership with leading non-custodial wallet providers like Klever Wallet, facilitates selling crypto directly from the wallet, ensuring a secure and swift transaction.
  4. Safety Assurance: MoonPay employs AES-256 encryption and maintains PCI-DSS certified data centers, ensuring user information and funds are secure.

Klever Wallet is dedicated to providing a user-centric and secure platform for managing digital assets. With the integration of MoonPay’s innovative solutions, Klever Wallet continues to enhance its offerings, empowering users with more convenience, flexibility, and control over their finances.


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