Brief introduction to Caficul

RWA and the next bull market

As we all know, in every bull market there is a predominant narrative, we have already seen the DEFI narrative, Play to Earn games and even Artificial Intelligence had its place, but there is a market that has not yet been explored let alone exploited, it is is about the RWA (Real World Assets) narrative.
This type of market will little by little predominate in our lives, whether it is the purchase of a house, a car or even an item for personal use.
We are Caficul, a company in the agricultural sector, we have been dedicated to the production and export of coffee, cocoa and cardamom since 2016 and we are currently seeking the expansion of our company to the Blockchain sector since we know that it is the future. and we must adapt to it. For this and after great debates, we have chosen KleverChain, since we have observed that the creation of digital assets is very simple, the security is adequate and the commissions and transfer speed are superior to the competition.

Caficul is not a project like the others

Unlike many projects, Caficul does not offer promises, Caficul is a company with solid foundations and a wide portfolio of clients around the world, so we will not sell promises, we only export quality, Therefore, both our clients and our investors will have the peace of mind of investing in a company that has been operating in a serious and professional manner for almost 8 years.

Benefits of investing in Caficul

Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, caficul offers great benefits for all those who choose to invest in us, not only will we give you the typical returns for holding and staking our token, but we will also dedicate exclusive plots for those outstanding holders , giving half of the profits from our sales.

This is just an introductory article to our #Caficul project, little by little we will add more detailed information about our project. You can get more details on our official channels
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…Y recuerda, no vendemos promesas, solo café de calidad…