Bitcoin Up 🚀 and Klv sideways

What caused KLV to go lower along with KFI.
after MEXC the price dropped .
but I think is just a correction and next move will be bigger
what is your opinion and analytics on these two charts :thinking: :thinking:


yes I think we all thought that KFI would explode but on one hand, it is much more traded on Mexc with less big price difference if you want to exchange large quantities compared to
we hope that it will start climbing again quickly because it is true that it is only correcting since the listing

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I think they should be more focused to get listed on major exchanges. The best product or coin is useless when nobody knows about it or the masses couldnt buy it. Is it not possible to use some funds from the 20M investment to pay some listing fees?For me it seems like they are not interested to get listed on big exchanges. Every shitcoin can do it but klv not? (I am a holder since twx times)

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