🌟 Klever Bounty for Content Creators - Showcase Your Skills!

:wave: Hey there, digital pioneers and storytellers!

Exciting news alert! Introducing the Klever Bounty program, specially designed for all you brilliant content creators who shape and enlighten the digital landscape. This is your golden ticket to dive into the dynamic Klever ecosystem and showcase your creative genius!

:dart: Your Mission:

Unleash your creativity by crafting engaging and informative content about Klever and Klever Products related. Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber, a savvy blogger, or a dynamic social media influencer, it’s time to educate and captivate your audience in your native language!

:rocket: How to Participate:

  1. Create & Captivate: Develop an educational video or a tutorial text about Klever products or an article about crypto and related topics.

  2. Language Diversity: Produce your content in your native language to connect more deeply with your audience.

  3. Forum Posting: Share your masterpiece by posting links in the appropriate language section on https://forum.klever.org/ or create your content on the forum itself.

  4. Social Media Engagement: Boost your impact by sharing your content on various social media platforms.

  5. Encourage Votes: Rally your audience to support your work by voting for it in the forum.

:bulb: Content Ideas:

  • Tutorials: Dive deep into the functionalities of Klever and guide your audience through its features.

  • Reviews: Share your honest opinions and experiences with Klever, helping others make informed decisions.

  • Articles: Create stunning articles regarding the cryptofinance environment and how Klever and Klever Products make the crypto-world better.

:trophy: Monthly Rewards:

Stand a chance to win a whopping 10,000 KLV monthly for each language/category winner! The reward will be split between KLV and KFI (50% each), and winners will be announced and featured on Klever’s official channels.

:compass: General Rules:

  • Content can be written 100% on the forum or any other platform, but there must always be a post on the Klever forum indicating the content.

  • Only content with a post on the Klever forum will be eligible for votes and consideration.

  • To qualify for rewards, the winner must have achieved a minimum of 15 votes on their forum post.

  • Users must create the post on the according language folder and use the specific tag for each content category.

  • Categories include video-tutorial, text-tutorial, and article tags.

  • Tutorials should be related to one or more Klever products (Wallet, SWAP, KleverSafe, KleverScan, KleverChain or Bitcoin.me), demonstrating and teaching their usage.

  • Tutorials can also target developers, providing examples of code, links to public repositories, running applications, etc.

  • Articles should relate Klever and/or its products to topics such as Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, WEB3, Decentralized Apps, Smart Contracts, Finance with crypto, P2E Blockchain Games, Metaverse, etc.

  • All created content must have a back-link to klever.org, klever.io, or bitcoin.me (depending on the content’s subject, and there can be more than one).

  • The cutoff for vote measurement will be on the 10th (11:59 PM UTC) of each month (starting from 01/10/2024)

  • The winning post will be moved to the specific product tutorials or forum news category

  • Other posts will continue to compete for prizes in the following months.

  • New content will be allowed at any time.

  • Simple automatic translations of existing tutorials, articles, or posts will not be accepted. Each language has its particularities and unique characteristics, and each post must adhere to them.

New language folders will be created as long released on the Klever Wallet

:moneybag: Prize Distribution Rules:

  • Monthly rewards of 10,000 KLV for each language/category winner (50% KLV and 50% KFI).
  • Winners announced on Klever’s official channels.
  • Payments within 20 days after the winner announcement.

We appreciate your patience as we ensure fair and accurate distribution of rewards.

:scroll: Contest Guidelines:

Make sure to follow the rules outlined here and in the Bounty Contest Guidelines for eligibility. Non-compliance may lead to disqualification.

:bulb: Tips:

  • Human Connection: Videos and/or images featuring people using Klever solutions in real-life situations tend to generate higher engagement. Consider this when brainstorming your content.

  • Social Media Boost: Create and share your content on the forum, but don’t stop there! Spread the word on your social media platforms, encouraging your followers to vote for your posts. Remember, more votes mean more real chances to win!

:clock3: Duration:
This campaign has an indefinite duration, and Klever reserves the right to conclude it at any time without any restrictions or obligations towards the participants.

:rotating_light: Warning: Klever Bounty Program Integrity Check! :rotating_light:

At Klever, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Any form of fraudulent activity, including but not limited to plagiarism, misrepresentation of content, or manipulation of votes, will result in immediate disqualification from the bounty program and potential barring from future participation.

Fraudulent activities, bots, and unfair play won’t be tolerated. Our system is designed to detect such activities, and participants found using these methods will be disqualified. Let’s build a community where creativity and innovation thrive!

We encourage all participants to engage in this program with a spirit of community and fair play. Our goal is to foster a thriving environment where creativity and innovation are rewarded, and community values are upheld.

:globe_with_meridians: Join the Klever Community’s Creative Journey!

By participating in the Klever Bounty program, you’re not just creating content; you’re contributing to a global community that values creativity, honesty, and innovation. We can’t wait to see your incredible contributions—thank you for adhering to these guidelines. :raised_hands:

This is more than just a bounty program; it’s an opportunity to showcase your talent globally. Start crafting today and let your creativity resonate! For any questions or assistance, our team is here to help—reply to this thread.:email:

Important to know: :face_with_monocle:

Before you embark on this creative journey, remember that by participating, you’re granting Klever the right to use your content in its advertising campaigns without any royalties.

The Klever reserves the right to adapt these rules at any time. We intend to be fair with y’all.


Maybe it would be better to run the quest in Zealy, Galxe, QuestN, TaskOn, Intract? And not only the creation of content, in general everything that can promote the Klever project and all its products. There you can definitely gather more users, especially during the peak airdrop period. In addition, in Zealy you can definitely create a task to specify the wallet address. Everyone who is not too lazy has already launched quests on these sites, only Klever marketers are looking in the wrong place.

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Hi @Antonio_Brager , it’s a pleasure to have you here with us. Her suggestion is extremely valuable to us and we will consider it for new campaigns. For now, how about helping us spread the Klever word by participating in this bounty program? :facepunch:

Perhaps, but when all products and services will be on one site, and not on different sites with different domains. And when there will be one single page on social networks, and not a web of different social pages. I don’t want to confuse users with different sites and different pages on social networks.

I am excited to write an article or two to help more people understand Klever and the unique opportunity it presents to humanity! I will definitely be taking part in this program!

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Good to know @Aaron_Smithanik … amazing :fire: :rocket:

I will love to participate in this
But I can’t find where to post my link in this forum
Do I post the link under this post?

@Official_Gabe You should post your content on the respective language category. You can see all categories here Latest Content Creator Bounty - Klever

We can´t wait to see your ideas… :rocket:

Any news on the winners?

This bounty is monthly. None post fit all the requirements last month. We’ll keep evaluating the posts, and we’ll change this program a little bit soon.

In the description it says that it ended on January 10, we have met the requirements, we have published in our language, we obtained more than 15 votes, we talk about Klever and its products, with images in 1080p quality with names in each image , applied. header, signature, links, I don’t understand why you say we don’t meet the requirements

Hello @Protta I’ll reply each post with suggestions.

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Hey bro, it has been 12 days since your response and a month and a half since the first post. To date we have not received a response as to why none of the 3 posts in Spanish have qualified for the campaign, we cannot continue creating content if they do not tell us what needs to be modified, we have put named images in the file, used in high quality, We have put titles, a text written manually by us with our dialect, we have used links.

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Hey bro, I hope you’re very well. Sorry for the delay, we’re adjusting some details to pay for the great job done by y’all. it will be done by next week.

Tks for your patience.

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The Hispanic community is still waiting for an answer as to why none of our articles have won even though all the requirements are met.

Hey there! Really sorry for delay.

I’m reaching you out on DM to get the details for payment.

Tks again for your amazing job