GameCenter(iOS) can’t withdraw DVK

Hello :slight_smile:

I apologize in advance if such a topic has already been and there is a solution.

When registering for the game, I chose to log in via GameCenter (iOS).

But now I’ve learned that you can’t withdraw if you log in through GameCenter.

How to do it better:

  1. Wait for the withdrawal to be fixed for those who logged in GameCenter?
  2. Link my account to an email and log in through it?

I’ve only been playing for a week and my level is only 8, but I still wouldn’t want to start the game again, but continue with this account.

Sincerely yours, MokpbleTpycuku

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Currently you can not withdraw from a Gamecenter or Google play games account. Apple gamecenter does not support authentication by a code send through email.
The team is looking into possible solutions but we are not able to estimate when this can be resolved.

A similar situation exists for Google Play games.
Like free dummykins playing through Gamecenter or Google play games was intended to check out the game and it’s lmitation currently is that you can not withdraw.

My personal advice is to create a new account using email registration and request for your assets to be transferred to that account.


Thanks for the quick response.

I store in the Vault 57k DVK for period 12 month.
I have Royalty Level 3
I invite by referral code 3 players.

I really don’t want to lose it all and start playing with a new account.

I am sure that other players are also facing this problem.

Why do you offer registration via GameCenter if you know about this problem. It would be possible to at least write and warn players about the consequences when registering through GameCenter.

Don’t you have the technical ability to link my account to an email without losing my account?

Hi. I am afraid I can not answer you right now because we are in the process of switching CEOs.
I was extremely surprised to learn that you could not switch and cannot imagine it will stay like that.
I am taking this up with the new CEO.
If it cannot be done by the game , support should get an option to do it.
I will let you know asap but in the current situation I have no idea about timing.